Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Old Glory Army and Ottomans

The Ottomans are here is the cry. Yes after joining the Old Glory Army a few weeks ago for 50 dollars US I now have 2 of the really nice pirate captains and 6 packs of Ottoman infantry that cost me less than 200 Australian dollars to my door. I joined the 'Army' through Merrimack Miniatures and have since recieved excellent service and my membership has already been payed for by the first discount. Old Glory usually costs 60-70 Australian dollars a pack, and I have waited 5 months for a pack of Cossacks from the Australian distributor who was not that keen to help me obtain them any quicker (their loss I say). I now have enough infantry to start painting my Ottoman army, the heavy cavalry are Redoubt Miniatures on Elite horses and the light cavalry are a mix of Old Glory and the Tartars already painted from Essex Miniatures. I now only have to buy 2 heavy wagons with light cannon from Redoubt and a pack of Old Glory Ottoman command. Robert's Poles won't know what hit him, I just have to get him using them again or he can sell them to me as I did paint them (you hear that Robert). Cheers Scott


Scott MacPhee said...

I've been loving that Old Glory Army price, too. I don't think I can justify buying figures from anyone else as long as I'm getting OG for $.60 a figure, US.

How do you like the quality of the figures? The only 28s I've done are my Old Glory WAB armies and a few Battle Honors WW2. Is there really such a difference between the Old Glory and figures and, say, Foundry?

Scott Robertson said...

Scott ranges available from Old Glory do vary in quality, however many of the newer ranges such as the Renaissance figures are first class. However I have large Saxon and Norman armies using the older figures (bought these in 1996)and they are really nice and paint up a treat (I will post these later this year). Many of the Foundry figures are just fantastic, the Macedonian range being the best out there but unless you are in the UK the price is just not what I can afford (they charge 12.50 pounds a pack to Australia, postage free of course). I will continue to buy lots of Old Glory for the bulk of my armies and use Foundry for those special units or characters. When I first started to buy Old Glory 10 years ago I found the metal to be of an inferior quality to Foundry but the last few years this has not been the case and I am once again a dedicated Old Glory fan (but I still mix and match). Cheers Scott Robertson