Thursday, July 07, 2016

Saga and the Zulu Wars

Played the fantastic Colonial Wars variant last weekend which was published in the Wargames Soldiers and Strategy magazine a few years ago. Figures are replaced by bases of 2-3 infantry and games can be up to 10 points. Mark Piper and I played a 8 point Zulu Wars game using scenario IV (pg. 113) from 'The Crescent and Ceoss' book. Zulus swarmed down from the hills and massacred the British force, fantastic variant which I heartily recommend for a different feel. Figures and terrain are from Mark Piper's excellent collection.
                                            British have walked into a trap
                                        Each base of 2-3 figures replaces the single figures of normal Saga
                                   British forces heading towards a quite Zulu village





John McDonnell said...

Do you know what the issue number was by chance?

Scott Robertson said...

Wargames Soldiers and Strategy, Issue 61

Vinnie said...

Cool looking game there Scotty. I still have to paint up a few more additional figures and units to fully complete my collection but will get there one day am sure.