Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Western European buildings

Not much to post really as I have been busy playing other non historical games. I have a large FOW  20mm Arhnem Bridge game Thursday at Mark's place which looks like a lot of fun. Mark has made good inroads on his 20mm Egyptian force for 1967 whilst my Israelis are nearly ready to hit the table. 


                                                             Work in progress Israelis

I finished these Miniature Building Authority ruins the other day and am very happy with the way they ended up. I based them on MDF, added resin walls, lots of rubble and flock of course. I posted these pictures on my Dust Warfare blog as well so I apologise if you have seen them already.



Vinnie said...

Nice work old buddy.

Scott Robertson said...

Thanks mate.

Carlo Pagano said...

Look very nice Scotty - the Arab - Israeli war certainly seems to be gaining some momentum. Will keep an eagle eye.

Scott Robertson said...

Cheers Carlo I look forward to our first game soon.