Friday, September 06, 2013

FOW Vietnam

I know many people don't like FOW but I have never had a bad game. Like all gaming it depends upon your gaming buddy and I am lucky in having Mark Piper as one of my regular combatants. Mark likes to research his scenarios and does so in detail and applies this research to whatever we are playing. Mark is also a very keen Rapid Fire gamer and has a fantastic site dedicated to that venerable game ( though I don't play it). Thursday night Mark put on a fantastic 20mm FOW game. We both play 20mm as we are old and that is what we started with and it looks so much better.

Table setup.

My NVA and VC force had to delay a US cavalry drive to secure an LZ. It started badly for me when my ambush failed to damage any AFVs and then they proceeded to die in droves.

NVA platoon launch their ambush and suffer the consequences.

Some success when my bobby traps and mines slows down the advance and allows my mortars to brew up a 113.

Mortar platoon:Three mile snipers.

VC platoon deploys near the US landing zone (lucky roll).

Burning 113.

US LZ. The choppers landed but were hit hard by the well deployed VC platoon. 3 choppers down and the US decided that discretion was the better part of valour. 

Great game overall. I know many hate how the lists have such a Tank heavy emphasis but get over this and organise your games with research. The Two Fat Lardy's book on Vietnam (Charlie don't Surf) is a fantastic scenario source.

I love Command Decision for my WWII and Modern gaming but nearly everyone local plays FOW so I got with the program and played the rule system in a way that doesn't make me cringe, no wheel to hub tanks on my table.

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Vinnie said...

This is a great looking table Mark has some fine figures and terain.