Saturday, February 12, 2011

28mm Norman WAB army for sale

Hi guys I have my well painted WAB Norman army up for sale.
It consists of 159 foot and 40 cavalry. The foot are mostly Old Glory (OG) and the cavalry are Old Glory and Gripping beast (GB).
The foot are based on 25mm round GW bases and the cavalry on 50x25mm GW bases. The bases have been done with rocks and Silfor tufts. Breakdown of foot is: 24 archers (OG), 24 foot knights (Foundry), 15 crossbow (OG), 4x24 spearmen (OG). Cavalry is: 4x8 knights (OG), 8 knights (GB).
Asking $5 a foot figure and $8 a mounted figure, so $1295 NEG., buyer pays postage. Please email me here. Cheers Scott Robertson


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous looking army Scott!


Mike Peck

Scott Robertson said...

Cheers had fun painting it years ago, am about to start a Crusader Christian and Muslim project.

Vinnie said...

Ahh yes I remember painting and repainting some of those boys. I also remember being on the receiving end when fighting with your Saxons. They would go well at any wargamers home I should think.



Bluewillow said...

lovely mate,


jock said...

Hi Scott the madscotsman is getting closer to you everyday, I am now living in SW China, great site, about to start my next army soon here, will probably be Timurids, or islamic Persians, yes more bloody cavalry, waiting on a parcel from Essex figs to arrive. but have some ready to paint on my painting table now.