Sunday, August 31, 2008

Murphy's law

I haven't posted for ages so when I finally decided to pull my finger out and get some photos up on the Blog the damn computer crashes. It has taken me a week to get it sorted so I hope everything goes well (so Steve if you are reading this I am very interested in Gilder's rules, email me at Here are some photos of the Sudan figures I am busy basing for our first game in 3 weeks. I have taken over the dining room table this last week but the missus has given them their marching orders before they have all been finished. Enjoy


Vinnie said...

The figures are coming along great. I am looking forward to having that game at the 'Brisbane Muster' next year and maybe breaking a British square two?


Fire at Will said...

Looking excellent, can't wait to see them finished and in action


Scott Robertson said...

I will be having the first game this school holidays (only 3 weeks to go). I will try 'Science versus Pluck' but will use Peter Gilder's Sudan rules otherwise (cheers Steve). Vinny what time are you getting to Sydney for MOAB? Cheers Scott

Vinnie said...

I will be getting in early Friday morning and Andrew and I will be at the convention centre that afternoon.