Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BLB second try

We had a second game of BLB last weekend, I had fun and enjoyed the rules but Kevin is not convinced. I think that they are an excellent set and I will be using them for WSS and GNW but they do not give me a feel for the Deluge. The Polish and Eastern sections seem to just be tacked onto the main rules and could have done with more detail and rules for the east. The free set of ECW rules by Clarence at Quindia Studios might be the set that fulfill most of our criteria and is easily adapted, wwatch this space. Meanwhile enjoy the photos the game at Kevin's place, Austrians and some Danes (Kevin) take on the Swedes and the forces of the Brandenburg Elector (Kevin's son James and I). Cheers Scott


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Grimsby Mariner said...

I'm also unconvinced by BLB. I like some parts a lot but dislike others intensly.
The musketry fire is a particular dislkie - knowing how many you are going to knock down before opening up is wrong I beleive.
But I did like some of his thoughts on the GNW.
Rules are always such a personal taste I feel that it is hard to find a set that many like.

Scott Robertson said...

Grimsby Mariner sad but true, when it comes down to it we all like different things in rules. I want something that is fun, easy but still gives me a feel for the period (but we are playing soldiers here), but the infantry rules in BLB really upset me (ex infantry myself). Still enjoyed the games but it felt that I already knew the outcome before going throught the charts. Still looking, love your large collections of WSS Front Rank and table at your club. Cheers Scott

Bluewillow said...

sweet looking game mate, how does BLB handle skirmishers etc? or is the figure ratio to human to big (1 to 50 isn't it?)