Sunday, March 02, 2008

Painting update

Little to report these last few weeks as I have been busy trying to get loads of figures done for the Easter Weekend convention here in Brisbane put on by Gerry Webb of Castaway Arts. I have been painting Fuzzy Wuzzy figures for the Sudan game that I will be running but I will have to recycle them as they die. Leroy Simpson has been kind enough to do a British regiment in red for me as well as a Egyptian battalion (he will do a much better job than I would). I will be using the rules 'Science versus Pluck' where everyone plays on the side of the Imperial forces and I as the umpire run the Dervish forces (and try my hardest to kill them off). The emphasis is on fun and I have been waiting 15 years to finally get the early Sudan up and running ever since I saw the campaigns of Peter Gilder (great to see his old collection having an outing on the Der Alt Fritz blog site, seriously recommended). So come have a look and join in over the Saturday and Sunday of the Easter weekend if you are in Brisbane. Finally I leave you a photo of some of my Muscovite figures as Muscovites seem to be getting popular (see the fantastic link by Nigel
Cheers Scott

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