Thursday, October 18, 2007

Essex Miniatures Polish for Muscovite hussars

These are the single winged and double winged Polish hussar figures from Essex Miniatures that I used to make my Muscovite Hussars. I actually preferred the older model but this is what is available today. I used green stuff to fill the hole in the back of the model and create a fur cape, the head of the single winged hussar was replaced with a suitable one from Redoubt Miniatures (many different variants) and the hands were also replaced with ones from Old Glory which needed to be drilled (so lance would not fall out). Figures were mounted on Elite Miniatures horses with saddle cloth and saddle added with green stuff. I love these horses which are nice and large but Essex produce a very nice one for their Muscovite range which I highly recommend for your own Hussars (I get mine for free from Nathan Vinson who owns Elite Miniatures Australia, thanks mate). Nathan has a totally awesome Blog called "Lonely Gamers" which you can access in the links pages, check it out. Finally those of you who have gone through the totally bizarre process of posting a comment here I say thanks, I have tried everything I can to make it easier to post but it just gets worse whatever I do. Cheers Scott

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