Friday, June 01, 2007

Broadband and scenario idea

Finally got my Broadband connection so I can actually post more photos and not have to wait for ages to do so anymore. I have been reading the Generals Compendium published by GW USA (2003)and even though it is designed for Warhammer Fantasy the book has some great ideas for campaigns, terrain building, sieges, scenarios and ship combat rules that are easily adapted to WECW and WAB. There is one scenario that is easily adapted to the Deluge period and that is the raid scenario (pp. 166-7).

Raid 1656

The attacking players objective is to loot and then burn as many structures as possible and also slay as many defenders as is possible.

The defender has to try and stop the looting and destruction of his buildings and kill as many attackers as is possible.

The Battlefield
The most important features on the battlefield are the 6 structures. These can be houses in a small village a church or a windmill for grinding grain (whatever you have but please ensure they fit into a Eastern context). These buildings each contain 1 loot point and should be spread across the table outside each sides deployment zone (centre of the table looks and feels right).

The Forces
Both sides choose from the respective lists to an agreed points value. The defender has only 75% of the attackers points. For instance 1500 points of defenders against 2000 points of attackers.

To give a period feel of this type of raid which was common throughout the Deluge, each army are only allowed to take cavalry and dragoon units (dragoons may start dismounted).

The defender sets up his entire army in his normal deployment zone (as per rules) and then the attacker sets up in his normal deployment zone.

1st Turn
The attacker moves his army first.

Special Rules
The structures are classed as timber, brick or log buildings and therefore have T7 and 5 damage points. Attacking units have to spend 1 turn near a building to loot it and all attacking units are equipped with torches and will take one turn of base to base contact to ensure that the building is on fire.

Scenario Length
The scenario will last a minimum of 6 turns or until agreed.

Who has won
The players receive 1 point for each loot point have taken or saved and 1 point for each building they have destroyed or saved (attacker and defender).
I will play this game ASAP and publish an illustrated report here. The game will see an attacking force of Cossacks and Muscovites raiding the fringes of the Lithuanian Duchy in 1656 (Lithuanian rebels and Swedes).

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