Friday, April 13, 2007

Thursday Game

Played my first game with a Muscovite army proper yesterday and had a very good win over Robert's Ottomans. It did help that I had Kevin on my side and his dice rolling was inspiring but 5000 points allows a player to put a lot of troops on the board which can cover some lost combats. I used my 2 Cossack pike and 2 Cossack cavalry as Muscovite new regiments, as I have yet to paint them up (got them Wednesday from Old Glory). I also recieved two cavalry unit packs from TAG yesterday for my Ottoman and Polish armies. I will start painting Ottomans when the Muscovites are finished but the next unit on the painting desk after the Jiltsi lancers are a 12 man Hussar unit using Polish Winged Lancer figures from Essex miniatures. These figures only need a bit of work with green stuff and of course no wings to pass muster as Muscovite heavy Hussars.
The Muscovite army used on Thursday had a German mercenary pike unit and cavalry regiment that Kevin had just finished painting, so this battle was the first blooding of his troops and they went well. Kevin is building an Austrian/Imperial army for the Deluge period whilst his brother Kenny has started a Mercenary army with 2 units of Scots which he will add German troops to later on. Karl X enlisted 3 regiments of Scottish foot totalling 3000 men for the Polish invasion in 1655 and a lot of German regiments (foot and horse). I am in the process of translating and listing a brief regimental history of these units from my newly purchased books from Sweden (Carlbom and Stade). Kevin's 15 year old son James is also building up a Brandenburg force that can be used as allies for the Swedes and then later on for the Poles, Austrians and Danes. The new gaming recruits and Russ (with Swedes) makes our group now number 6 very keen players, so I hope to start the campaign anew in the next few months and even sooner if Robert sells his very large collection of ECW figures to Kevin (come on mate I know you want to). Anyway will post the seperate lists over the weekend but now I am going to the movies to see 300 and see how dire the film really is. Cheers Scott

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