Monday, August 21, 2006

WECW Changes

I haven't posted for awhile, I have loads of stuff waiting to be photgraphed but haven't had the time, will get there in the next few weeks. I am in the process of reformating the lists and the rules and I have made a few changes to enable them to play smoothly, so I hope to have these posted in a few months. Some of the rule changes includes dropping the -1 for fighting against light lance and my gaming partner Russel has come up with some great ideas to help sort out some of the grey areas in the pike and shot formations. The two photos above are of some really nice models from Redoubt miniatures that I use in my cavalry regiments as characters, especially religous leaders (I love the Bishop in cuirrassier armour). The Deluge period would not be complete without religon, Islamic Ottomans, Orthodox Cossacks and Muscovites, Protestant Swedes and Prussians and Catholic Poles. I have used the rules from the El Cid WAB supplement and adapted them to give a period feel. Until next time, Cheers Scott

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