Wednesday, May 10, 2006

First photo of a 6,000 point a side game of WECW. Polish right flank prepares to batter their way through the Turkish Jannissaries.


realistic miniature painter said...


Saw your entry to the Fusilier group and thought I would check your site out. Like you I started my Blog last month and am lerning as I go. Do you do ECW?

Regard Mark
Sunshine Coast

Scott Robertson said...

Hey Mark, is it Mark Piper in Nambour? I am in Caloundra, friend of Robert Fletcher, I play WWII but haven't had a game for ages. I play English Civil War at the moment using WECW but all rule sets that are fun interest me. Drop me a line, I think you have my e-mail address still. Cheers Scott Robertson

realistic miniature painter said...


Not Mark Piper but Mark Temple, West Woombye.
I remember Mark Piper I think and I'm sure Bob Fletcher is a name I remember also.
Mark Temple

Thomo the Lost said...

Nice stuff mate. I'm hoping to get back to figures later this year - concentrating on ships at the moment.

Cheers, Thomo the Lost
Lost in Ulaanbaatar